On the side-lines of the General Assembly of the UNO, the Foundation Appeal of Conscience gave its prize to the «World Statesman of the Year», French President François Hollande.

This foundation is interdenominational, but has been presided, since its creation in 1965, by Rabbi Arthur Schneier, known for his engagement in favour of the Hebrew state. Every year, it honours a personality who has worked both for religious freedom and to the advantage of the state of Israël.

Since the creation of this prize, it is always awarded in New York by the ex-National Security Advisor and Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, and by the ex-National Director of Intelligence John Negroponte – of the Iran-Contra affair and the Islamic Emirate in Iraq.

Over the last few years, the Foundation has also honoured such personalities as José-Maria Aznar, Nicolas Sarkozy, Stephen Harper, Enrique Peña Nieto and David Cameron.

This year, the Foundation wanted to thank President Holland for his action against Syria and his attempts to prevent the Iranian nuclear agreements. Mr. Hollande was accompanied by Jack Lang and Bernard-Henri Lévy.

Most French newspapers which mentioned the event seemed to ignore who Henry Kissinger and John Negroponte are, as well as the political character of their association.

Pete Kimberley