The Arab Coalition (whose headquarters are commanded by Israëli officers) admitted to having bombed the ceremony for the burial of the Minister of the Interior for the Yemenite «rebels», causing more than 150 deaths.

At first, Saudi Arabia had denied that the Coalition had any responsibility for the attack, and claimed that no operation had been led against Sana on that day. Later, however, Saudi Arabia admitted the bombing, while specifying that the raid had been organised without its knowledge.

It is hard to tell what is worse for Prince Mohamed Ben Salmane, the heir apparent of Saudi Arabia and real commander-in-chief of this war – to have been betrayed by the Minister of the Interior, General Jalal al-Rouichène, who had been nominated by Président Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi with his agreement, and had then betrayed him to join the Houthis – to have bombed a mourning ceremony and killed civilians - or to pretend that he is not in control of his Coalition?

Pete Kimberley