Following [its assault on] Lebanon, at around 3 am this morning, 7 December 2016, the Israeli army has bombed the military airport of Mezzeh (Damascus). The raid has only caused a minor fire.

For around three entire months since the beginning of the attempt to topple the Syrian Arab Republic and destroy the country, Israel has been bombing Syria. Tel-Aviv’s custom is claiming it is aiming at arm reserves which, it believes, are ready to be delivered to the Lebanese to fight it. However, Israel has failed to provide any justification for its most recent raids.

Generally speaking, the Israeli army has tended to intervene as a pro-Jahadi air support against Syria.

While from the outset, Israel had been penetrating the Syrian air space to strike its targets, today it is satisfied with either firing from its territory, or firing from planes flying illegally over Lebanese territory. Indeed, the Russian Federation has placed the S-300 anti-missile at Lattakia and has offered others to Syria. These missiles have the reputation of being able to destroy any aircraft.

Anoosha Boralessa