On 5 December, jihadists in Aleppo East fired at a military hospital that Russia had just set up in West Aleppo to respond to the [medical] needs] of children fleeing the dictatorship of Al-Qaïda.

The hospital had been launched that very day.

The reflex response of the Russian authorities was to accuse the United States, France and the United Kingdom of providing the jihadists with the whereabouts of the hospital.

Several Nato members responded by accusing Russia of “blocking the UN Security Council.” [1].

After checking, the following appears to be the case:
 the jihadists directly fired at the hospital without first firing the customary tuning of the artillery;
 the jihadists actually received the whereabouts of the hospital in the form of satellite images;
 these images had been provided by Land Com—the command centre of Nato land forces, situated at Izmir (Turkey).

As in Libya, where some states, in breach of the Nato Constitution, used Nato resources without first obtaining authorization of the Atlantic Council, from day one, the war against Syria has been a war where Nato has assumed the role of lead manager.

Anoosha Boralessa