Voltaire Network — On 18 December 2016, the UN Security Council will examine a draft resolution prepared by France requiring the deployment of observers of the UN and its “partners” (sic) [Draft, §3] at East Aleppo to supervise the evacuation of both civilians as well as “opposition fighters” (sic) [Draft, §1].

On Monday 19 December 2016, a Nato-Russia summit will take place just after Nato officers have been taken prisoners at East-Aleppo where they were training the jihadists. Just as when Tripoli was taken in August 2011, and contrary to article 9 of the NATO Charter, the Atlantic Council has not been consulted on this secret operation.

On Tuesday 20 December 2016, after Russia and Iran will receive a Turkish delegation at Moscow. [The context?] Turkish officials have been taken prisoners in the Turkish bunker at East Aleppo, and the Alliance has tried four times to assassinate President Erdogan.

Anoosha Boralessa