A year ago Italy had arrested several Kosovans with ties to Daesh. [And now] Italy has sounded the alert. Lavdrim Muhaxheri would be returning to Europe with several of his men including Ridvan Haqifi.

Muhaxheri is a young Kosavarian, 27 years old who worked for Nato in Kosovo, then for a “private military campaign”, a Nato sub-contract, in Afghanistan and Iraq. Imam Zekerija Qazimi would have recruited him at Kosovo and then he would have joined the Islamic Emirates in Iraq when this organization became Daesh. He has published several videos depicting him cruelly assassinating prisoners.

For some time, the United Nations (Minuk), Interpol, and the US State Department have been trying to hunt him down. From this point on, he is in Europol’s firing line. According to the Syrian and Italian intelligence services, he would launch several attacks in Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia.

Until his death was announced, Muhaxheri commanded the Isis Albanian jihadists. He was then replaced by Ridvan Haqifi, but made a reappearance in May 2015.

Daesh is a terrorist organization that the United States originally created by in the context of the fight against the Iraqi Resistance. In 2014, he moved to the command of the Saudi Prince, Abdul Rahman al-Faisal, who gave him the mission of cutting the Silk route in Iraq and Syria and creating a “Sunnistan”.

Anoosha Boralessa