After the United States, France and the United Kingdom expressed their doubts on the negotiations over Astana in the Security Council on 31 December 2016, several signatory groups of the Russian-Turkish cease-fire are threatening not to participate. [1].

A good example is Jaysh al-Islam which is the group of the Allouche family and is supported by the British MI6.

Preparing for their eventual withdrawal, these signatories stress that the fight currently taking place at Wadi Barada (15 kilometres from Damascus) would violate the cease-fire agreement. The following are opposing the Arab Syrian Army: Al-Quaeda, Jaysh al-Islam and some other organizations that are under the command of the Free Syrian Army.

These fights aim at fighting off the jihadists which are trying to prevent the hydraulic installations (which Jaysh al-Islam polluted on 23 December 2016), from being repaired. In fact, 5 millions people living in the capital have been deprived for more than a week of running water, forcing the authorities to allow lorries with tanks to enter the districts of Damas to supply the population. This battle lasted several weeks and the Arab Republic of Syria has liberated the village of Harira.

Anoosha Boralessa