The admiral Michelle Howard

After the US missile attack on Syria, Alfano, the [Italian] Minister for Foreign Affairs, declared Italy’s concern about “the Mediterranean region’s security and stability”. Yet the facts are very clear on how Italy contributes to this:
• The two US warships, the USS Porter and the USS Ross, that attacked the Syrian base of Shayrat, form part of the Sixth Fleet; and the Sixth Fleet’s principal base is Gaeta, Lazio;
• The Sixth Fleet depends on the Command of the US Naval Forces. The latter directed the attack, ordered by President Trump, from Naples;
• Admiral Michelle Howard heads the Command of the US Naval Forces and she concurrently commands the Nato Joint Forces, headquartered at Lake Patria (Naples); and
• The military operation was supported by two US bases in Sicily: one is the air naval base at Sigonella, and the other, the Muos station (part of a system for naval transmissions) at Niscemi, supported by the Augusta base where ships belonging to the Sixth Fleet and Nato are resupplied with fuel and ammunition, including Tomahawk cruise missiles, the very weapons used against Syria.

The USS Porter and the USS Ross are equipped with the Aegis vertical launchers with interceptor missiles, which have also been installed in the land base of Deveselu in Romania and another base which is being built in Poland. They form part of the so-called “anti-missile shield”, which the US has lined up in Europe, for an anti-Russian purpose. But the Aegis launchers – as Lockheed Martin, the very company that built them reports, – can launch “missiles, including Tomahawk cruise missiles for any mission”. These can also be armed with nuclear heads. The Command at Naples, has sent in rotation, four Aegis launch missile ships, deployed at the Spanish base of Rota in the Atlantic, to the Baltic and the Black Sea, going right up to the border with Russia. The USS Porter had participated in a drill in the Black Sea, before the attack on Syria. Minister Alfano had defined the “military action proportionate in duration and manner, as a deterrence against the most recent use of chemical arms by Assad”.

Then today, he summoned “a special meeting to relaunch the political process on Syria” at Lucca, at the sidelines of the G7 Foreign Ministers Summit. This meeting was expanded to Foreign Ministers of Saudi Arabia, the Arab Emirates, Qatar, Turkey and Jordan”. In other words, those countries that, in the context of an international coalition organized by the CIA, provided billions of dollars, weapons, training camps, and safe passage to terrorist groups, including Isis, which have been attacking Syria for years from within.

Just as this operation, which Italy is participating in through the “Friends of Syria”, was failing, and a deal was on the verge of being opened to bring an end to the war, the Syrian government, supported by Russia, was accused of massacring civilians, including many children, by means of a deliberate chemical attack.

On the other hand, a comprehensive report — authored by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky and published on the website GlobalResearch [1] — demonstrates that it was the Pentagon that from 2012, used a contractor to provide chemical weapons and the relevant training to terrorist groups in Syria. The UN Commission of Inquiry led by Carla Del Ponte proved in 2013 that these terrorists groups have used them.

Evidence that Italy paid no heed to and instead, with a view “to relaunching the political process on Syria”, summons those that are the most committed to bring down the Syrian state by attacking it from within. Meanwhile Admiral Howard, after directing from the headquarters of Naples — the launching pad for the Italian aircraft carrier — the missile attack on Syria, defines it as “the example of our strength and capacity to project power across the whole world”.

Anoosha Boralessa
Il Manifesto (Italy)