On Monday 15 May, the new French President should name a Prime Minister from a list vetted by Nato. The candidates are:
 Sylvie Goulard (European MP, advisor to the New Pact for Europe);
 Christine Lagarde (former parliamentary aide to the US Congress and current Head of the IMF);
 Édouard Philippe (Mayor of Havre).

All three were invited by Henry Kissinger to the most recent annual meeting of the Bilderberg Group (9 to 12 June 2016, Dresden, Germany). All three were formally invited to this meeting by the Bilderberg Chair, Henri de La Croix, the fifth Duke of Castries and were evaluated at it.

It seems highly unlikely that Mrs Lagarde will be immediately appointed. Those sponsoring Mr Macron would prefer her appointment to be delayed until 2019. This would allow her to complete her second term as Head of the IMF.

Anoosha Boralessa