Andriy Parubiy received by his friends from NATO.

Ukraine, already a de facto member of Nato, now wants to enter Nato on an official basis. On 8 June, the Kiev Parliament, voted by a majority (276 against 25) in favour of a legislative amendment that makes this objective a priority. Ukraine’s admission into Nato would not be just a formal act. Russia is accused by Nato of illegally annexing Crimea and leading military action against Ukraine.

As a consequence, if Ukraine were to officially enter Nato, the other 29 members of the Alliance, on the basis of art 5 of the Alliance, would have “to assist the party attacked by undertaking the necessary legal action, including the use of armed force”. This effectively means that they should declare war against Russia.

The credit for introducing into Ukrainian legislation the objective of entering Nato goes to the President of the Parliament, Andriy Parubiy. In 1991 he co-founded the Ukrainian National Socialist Party, a party modelled on Adolf Hitler’s National Socialist Party; headed the Neo-Nazi para-military formations used in 2014 in both the Maiden Square Putsch, under US/Nato leadership, and the massacre at Odessa; headed the Council of Defense and National Security that, with the Azov Battalion and other Neo Nazi units, is attacking Ukrainian civilians of Russian nationality in the Eastern part of the country and carrying out, by squads specially trained for this purpose, ferocious beatings of militants belonging to the Communist Party, ransacking their offices and making bonfires of their books in true Nazi style, while this Party is on the verge of being officially proscribed. So this is Andriy Parubiy who, as the President of the Ukrainian Parliament (a position conferred on him in April 2016 for his democratic achievements), was received on 5 June at Montecitorio by the President of the House, Laura Boldrini. “Italy - emphasized President Boldrini - has always condemned the illegal action that took place to the detriment of the Ukrainian territory”. Thus she has gobbled up the Nato version according to which it was Russia that had illegally annexed Crimea, a version that fails to take into account that the Russians of Crimea chose to break away from Ukraine and to re-enter Russia - a decision taken to pre-empt an attack, just like the decision taken by the Russians of Donbass, by Neo Nazi battalions and Kiev’s other forces.

The cordial conversation was concluded by signing a memorandum of understanding that “further strengthens parliamentary cooperation between the two assemblies, both at the political and administrative level”.

Thus it strengthens cooperation between the Italian Republic, born out of the Resistance against Nazi-fascism, and a regime that created in Ukraine a situation analogous to that which brought into being the fascism of the 1920s and Nazism in the 1930s. The Azov battalion, whose Nazi signature is represented by the emblem inspired by the SS Das Reich emblem, has been incorporated into the National Guard, transformed into a regular military unit and promoted to the rank of a regiment for special operations.

Then it was supplied with armoured transport and artillery. With other Neo-Nazi formations, transformed into regular units, it is trained by US instructors from the 173a Air Transport division, transferred from Vicenza to Ukraine, flanked by others from Nato.

The Ukraine of Kiev has thus become the “nursery” for born-again Nazism right in the heart of Europe. Neo-Nazis flow into Kiev from all over Europe, including Italy. After being trained and tested out in military action against the Russians of Ukraine in Donbass, they have been made to return to their countries. Now it is left to Nato to rejuvenate the ranks of Gladio.

Anoosha Boralessa
Il Manifesto (Italy)