Genuine commandos, as they move, they kill. Not with a tirade of bullets so as not to waste bullets; but with one or two shots on each victim. So a wounded policeman is shot dead with a single shot by the killer who continues to walk, reaches the car, and then, before getting inside, calmly picks up a fallen shoe (which could have been presented as evidence in a DNA test). But when the two, with a preparation of the Special Forces, change cars, “they leave behind” (according to the police’s version) one of their identity cards in the first car. Thus they officially stamp the attack with their signature. A few hours later, their names and biographies are known throughout the world: “two small-fry, radicalized delinquents, known to the police and French intelligent services”.

In what is defined as “France’s September 11”, we cannot fail to recall US’s 9/11: when, only a few hours after the attack on the Twin Towers, the names and biographies of those members of Al Quaeda indicated as the perpetrators began circulating. Or Kennedy’s assassination – when the alleged perpetrator is immediately is found. The same thing happened in Italy with the massacre at Piazza Fontana. Therefore, the following suspicion is quite legitimate: that the Secret Services’s long hand may be behind the attack in France.

The two alleged perpetrators (if their biographies are true) belong to that underground world created by Western Secret Services (including the French), that financed, armed and trained Islamic groups in Libya in 2011. Until recently, these groups were defined as terrorists and include the first nuclei of the future Isis: that supplied with arms through a network organized by the CIA (reported by a New York Times investigation in March 2013). After contributing to Gaddafi’s annihilation, they passed to Syria to ruin Assad and then to attack Iraq (precisely when the al-Maliki government was distancing itself from the West and drawing closer to Peking and Moscow). Isis, created in 2013, receives funds and rights of passage from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Turkey and Jordan, close allies of the US and other Western Powers, including France. That does not mean that the mass of militants of the Islamic groups, who come from different Western countries, are aware of it. However, the fact remains that there is no doubt that behind their masks, hide Western and Arab secret agents trained for such operations.

While waiting for other elements that can clarify the true origin of the attack in France, it is logical to wonder: who benefits from all this? The answer lies in the following declaration of Nicolas Sarkozy, who as French President, was one of the main proponents supporting the Islamic groups in the war of aggression in Libya. He defined the attack in France as “a war declared against civilization which triggers the duty for self-defence”. Thus he wants to convince pubic opinion that the West is now at war against whoever seeks to destroy “civilization”, personified by the West. Therefore, the West has “to defend itself” empowering its military forces and projecting itself wherever in the world such “threat” is triggered.

Thus it seeks to transform mass sentiment for the victims of the massacre into mobilization for the war. The Statue of David that at Florence, has been covered with a veil of mourning, is now called to challenge the sword of the new Holy War.

Anoosha Boralessa
Il Manifesto (Italy)