The coup in the palace got rid of the clan of Prince Mohammed ben Nayef, Riyadh’s heir to the throne. However, the latter still believes that he is in charge of the Ministry of Home Affairs which has in fact been transferred to the son-in-law of the deposed prince.

However, King Salmane has just set up State Security organ which is directly accountable to him. According to the official press agency, several departments of the Ministry for Home Affairs, including the Intelligence service and units charged with fighting terrorism and its funding, will be under the authority of the new organ.

At the same time, the King has also limited the powers of the son of King Abdallah who is commanding the Royal Guard. In order to do this, he has replaced its general-in-chief.

In the forthcoming weeks, King Salmane is supposed abdicate in favour of his son, the new heir to the throne. The latter will then be vested with a power, exclusive to him.

Anoosha Boralessa