Tsahal has revealed part of the “Good neighbour” operation that it has been leading in Syria for the past six years.

According to the Jewish News Service, the Israeli Defence Forces have brought aid to more than 4,000 Syrians that have been injured, more than 500 of which are children. The Israelis have delivered more than 450,000 litres of fuel, 40 tonnes of flour, 225 tonnes of foodstuffs, 12,000 kits for babies, 1,800 packets of nappies, 12 tonnes of shoes and 55 tons of clothes to face the cold.

The communication from Tsahal seems intended for internal usage to calm its population, troubled by the support Tel-Aviv is lending to the jihadists. It is accompanied by a video that has no hesitation in mixing authentic videos with clips that MI6 has filmed in the North of the country (in other words, outside the zone covered by “the Good neighbour”).

In actual fact, if we concede to Tel-Aviv some credit for saving the children of jihadists injured during the fighting, a careful evaluation of this operation shows is to be nothing other than an effort to bolster the jihadists in their fight against the Syrian Arab Republic, a sovereign state.

In August 2014, Shin Beith (the Israeli military secret services) had organized for al-Qaeda to attack the United Nations Force (UNDOF) charged with observing the release. Some jihadists had imprisoned Fijian soldiers whose mission was to keep apart the Israeli and Syrian armies at Golan, under occupation. During a negotiation filmed live on Syrian TV, the UN representative paid a ransom to Al-Qaeda by internet bank transfer, without the beneficiary of this account ever being worried. Following this, Shin Beth installed al-Qaeda in place of the UNDOF provoking the anger of the United States and Russia.

Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, appeared on Israeli television congratulating the injured al-Qaeda combatants that were being looked after in the Ziv Medical Centre.

More recently, the Mossad has tried to create a Druze uprising against the Syrian Arab Republic modelled on what the United States and France have achieved with the Kurds in the North of the country. The Syrian Major Khaldoun Zeineddine had suddenly demanded the creation of a “Druzistan” at the Israeli border. But, after three months of uncertainty, all the Syrian leaders who are Druzes, have reaffirmed their support for the Republic. This is despite appeals to secession by the Lebanon pro-US Druze leader, Walid Jumblatt.

The “humanitarian” aid that Tsahal is boasting about does not fall within international humanitarian law, as defined by Henri Dunant, who established the Red Cross. This is because the aid only benefits one party to the combat. So for example, all beneficiaries of the Israeli aid are jihadists belonging to al-Qaeda and their families.

Another example is that delivering tonnes of flour is not useful because this product is available anywhere in the country at a price subsidized by the Republic. However, where jihadists control certain territories, then the flow of aid is stopped. In delivering flour, Tsahal only allows the jihadists to cross from Damascus and to strengthen their power over the populations.

This is exactly how Tsahal helped the Kosovan militias, during the war against Serbia. The infants that it had brought to Israel to care for, subsequently joined the Tel Aviv secret services.

Anoosha Boralessa