“What is happening today in Libya is the nub of a destabilization programme holding a myriad of complexities”. So declared President Emmanuel Macron at the Elysee, as he concluded an agreement that “paves the way for peace and national reconciliation”.

Macron’s message is that terrorist movements are the single cause for the chaos in which Libya now finds itself; terrorist movements that “exploit the political instability and the economic and financial resources that may exist in Libya to allow it to flourish”. This why – he concludes – France will give Libya a helping hand to block the terrorists. [Mauvaise foi!] This statement by Macron is actually turning the situation on its head. France was in fact a manipulator in destabilizing Libya. And did she act alone? Hell no! Her accomplices were the United States, Nato and the Gulf Monarchies. The proof?

In 2010, the World Bank recorded that Libya enjoyed the number one ranking in the human indicators board in the whole of Africa: its high average per capita income, universal access to primary and secondary education and 46% access to tertiary education. About two million African immigrants were able to find work there.

Libya invested in setting up economic institutions that would stand independent of the African Union. The U.S.A. and France – as the Clinton e mails so prove – reached an agreement to block Gaddafi’s plan to establish an African currency, as an alternative to the US dollar and the Cfa franc (a currency that France imposes on its 14 former colonies, each one now an “independent” African state). So it was Clinton – as the New York Times reports – that made President Obama sign off “a document authorizing a covert operation in Libya and the supply of arms to the rebels”. Such rebels included groups that till that time had been classified as terrorists.

Soon after this, Nato, (after France had opened the door for it in 2011), driven by the US, undertakes military action to completely devastate the state of Libya; Nato special forces make it implode. This then triggers a social calamity that will ensnare more civilians, creating more victims, some of which will be forced to flee their homeland.

This is a story that our friend Macron is all too familiar: from 2008 to 2012, he had a stellar (as well as suspect) career at Rothschild Bank, the financial empire that controls the central banks in almost every country in the world. In 2011, Rothschild docks in Libya, while the war is still being fighted out. At the same time, the sharks circling the US and European banking world make the biggest robbery of the century, confiscating 150 billion dollars of Libyan sovereign funds. The four years that Macron trained at Rothschild provide him with an entrée into the elite of global finance, where big moves such as the demolition of the Libyan State are planned. He then crosses over to politics, making for himself a stellar (as well as suspect) career, first as the Under Secretary General of the Elysée, then as the Finance Minister. In 2016, in just a few months, he creates his own party, En Marche!, an “instant party” supported and funded by powerful multinational, financial and media groups that clear his path to the presidency. But is it all about Macron? Behind his attention-seeking antics, lurk not just French national interests. The booty to share out in Libya is enormous: the biggest oil reserves in the whole of Africa and vast reserves of natural gas; the immense reserves of fossil water from the cloud stratum, the white gold in sight, more precious than black gold; the Libyan territory itself of primary geostrategic importance at the intersection between the Mediterranean, Africa and the Middle East.

It is “the risk that France is exercising a strong hegemony over our former colony”, warns the Analisi Difesa, emphasising the importance of an imminent Italian naval expedition to Libya. A call to the “national pride” of an Italy that is demanding its slice when the colonial powers of old divide up anew, a former Italian colony.

Excerpted from Right before our eyes, the testimony of Thierry Meyssan, a member of the Libyan government

«Before anything else, François Hollande made an assessment of the destruction of Libya. The Jamahiriya was in possession of a treasure evaluated at a minimum of 150 billion dollars. Officially, NATO had blocked, or had ordered the blockage of, at least a third of it. What happened to the rest ? The Kadhafists believed they could use this money to finance the Resistance in the long term. But in April, Prefect Edouard Lacroix, who had received access to a part of these investments, died in one day from a « hurricane cancer », while the ex-Minister for Oil, Choukri Ghanem, was found drowned in Vienna. With the aid of French Minister of Finance Pierre Moscovici, and economic advisor to the Elysée Emmanuel Macron, and several investment bankers, the US Treasury made off with the loot – the robbery of the century, 100 billion dollars.»

Anoosha Boralessa
Il Manifesto (Italy)