A bit more than 500 Kurds that converted to Christianity have just fled Iran.

They think that Hassan Rohani’s government has no problem in tolerating those who have been Christians for a long time, but that it comes down heavily on those who have converted. This is because the party views recent converts as infidels - traitors to Islam, who, have passed over to Christianity because they are under Western influence.

Now, following the political hardening of Shiite Iran, many Iranian Kurds have abandoned Sunni Islam which they consider to be an intolerant and cruel religion. They are now converting to what they consider to be the other local religion, Christianity.

These Kurds have crossed the border and thus they find themselves then in Turkey, a country that would hardly be more accepting of them. For on President Erdogan’s initiative, the State is confiscating one by one, every monastery and church in the country.

Anoosha Boralessa