During a press conference held on 16 August 2017 in Damascus, Syria’s Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, Faiçal Mekdad, has revealed that both toxic and chemical substances were discovered in bunkers built by the jihadists. Thus he stated:

“All the unusual material retrieved consists of hand grenades and pieces of grenades launchers of toxic substances, CS and CN (…). The company Federal Laboratories manufactured the chemical ammunition on US territory, whereas the companies Cherming Defence UK (UK) and NonLethal Technologies (US) manufactured the toxic substances.”

These three companies specialize in manufacturing gas used by the police for law enforcement. Federal Laboratories works mainly with the Israeli army.

Under article 5 of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, using these gases — assuming that it is in fact gas that police normally use for law enforcement — is prohibited in conflict zones.

On 14 September 2013, the Syrian Arab Republic ratified this treaty (a treaty that Israel still has not signed). Syria’s entire stock of chemical weapons was dismantled under the joint control of the United States and Russia. Since then, Damascus declares that it has and is scrupulously respecting this Treaty; yet Washington — despite its declaration that it had watched over the destruction of Syria’s entire arsenal— is accusing Syria of using prohibited weapons.

For the past five years, Washington, London and Tel-Aviv have been running Operation Timber Sycamore, the biggest operation for arms trafficking in History [1]

Anoosha Boralessa

[1Billions of dollars’ worth of arms against Syria”, by Thierry Meyssan, Translation Pete Kimberley, Voltaire Network, 18 July 2017.