August 2014: while Daesh are making progress in Iraq, the jihadists are taking Yezidi villages, killing men and taking women and children as their captives. The women will be used as sex slaves and the lot of adolescents will be forced conscription. Those who can, are taking refuge in the mountains of Sinjar.

Yezidisme is a religion which is an off-shoot of Iranian Mithraism – a religion that incorporates elements of Islam. Daesh considers it a brand of blasphemy. Nearly all Yezidis are Kurds.

At the time, Sinjar was under the protection of the regional government of the Iraqi Kurdistan. The Daesh invasion prompted the pershmergas, acting in accordance with a prior agreement concluded between Erbil and Raqqa [1], to abandon the places.

Faced with international alarm, the United States — which was supervising the Daesh invasion, checking it off against a plan made during the meeting of Amman, parachuted supplies to the deserters.

Finally, the Turkish PKK came to the aid of the Yezidis and illegally accompanied their flight to Turkey.

Following these events, the PKK asserted its bravery and tried to have its name scrubbed off Washington’s list of terrorist organizations. Yet its efforts were in vain. That said, the CIA— which supports Daesh — began to work with the Turkish pro-PKK party (the HDP), and the Syrian branch of the PKK (the YPG).

At the time of the referendum for the independence of Kurdistan, the regional government of Iraqi Kurdistan is trying to rewrite history, by its shifting responsibility to the central government of Bagdad. According to Erbil, because Bagdad had not given to them the resources to defend Sinjar, the peshmergas had no other option than to withdraw. As a result, Iraq cannot be trusted and the North of the country must request its independence.

On the poster above, you can see President Barzani, the temple of Charfeddin, and scenes of the Yezidi genocide. The text declares:

“To commemorate the genocide of Sinjar: through its tragedy, Sinjar showed human solidarity and forged the “Kurdité””.

Anoosha Boralessa

[1PKK revelations on ISIL attack and creation of "Kurdistan"”, Voltaire Network, 8 July 2014.