The Leader of the Revolution is an institution, specific to Iran. Inspired by the Government of the Wise Men in Plato’s Republic, the Guide holds the following concurrent powers:
• The power to veto any decision made by political leaders in his country; and
• The power to take initiative abroad.

His budget is made up of extraordinary revenues from oil. As it happens, when, pursuant to the nuclear deal, the ban on selling Iranian oil, was lifted, Iran and this Leader both benefitted: extraordinary revenues flowed to them — something that should never happen again.

In keeping with the fiduciary nature of his office, the Leader has not used these resources for his own benefit — he is famous for his frugal lifestyle —, nor has he used them to advantage his fellow citizens. Instead he has channelled these funds to progressing Justice throughout the world. In contrast to other religious figures, he has funded only a few charitable associations but several political associations.

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has distributed this money to support different groups, channelling the biggest share (800 million dollars/80%) to the Hezbollah in 2016.

The Hezbollah has deployed 7,000 volunteers in the Syrian Arab Republic to save populations from hordes of jihadists. 2,000 of these volunteers have died fighting.

Anoosha Boralessa