The Western Press is presenting Daesh as a racist organization that would be fighting Kurds simply because they are Kurds. Baloney: there are Kurdish units within Daesh.

Abu al-Hadi al-Iraqi was the Kurdish leader in Al-Qaeda. During the CIA’s Operation Cyclone against the Soviets, he led Al-Quaeda’s “Kurdish camp”. After the US invasion, he managed the Ashara guest house in Kabul, as al Quaeda’s number three man. Now he is being detained in Guantanamo.

In November 2016, the Islamic Emirate in Iraq (from which would germinate Daesh) released a video entitled “Message to Kurds and the Martyr Operation”. The organization was calling Kurds to join it.

The most famous Kurdish member of Daesh is Mullah Krekar (photo). He is the Emir of the Salafist group, Ansar al-Islam fi Kurdistan. He is a political refugee in Norway. He was imprisoned there on two occasions for praising terrorism. However, in the period that he was officially imprisoned, he climbed on board a special Nato plane to participate in a meeting on 1 June 2014, in Amman. The agenda for this meeting: planning Daesh’s invasion of Iraq [1]. When he returned to his prison life in Norway, he announced his allegiance to the Islamic State. Now he lives in Oslo, a free man.

Anoosha Boralessa

[1PKK revelations on ISIL attack and creation of "Kurdistan"”, Voltaire Network, 8 July 2014.