According to General Min Aung Hlaing, the Burmese army has arrested a man who had just set fire to seven houses in the Rohingyan village, Mi Chaung Zay (located in the township of Buthidaung).

This man is no other than Einu, an officer of the Army for the Safety of the Rohingyans in Arakan. He was imploring members of his community to flee the country, making out his case by accusing the army of setting fire to Rohingyan villages.

The incident took place on 4 October 2017, at around 2h 40 in the morning. The army helped the villagers to put the fire out.

After the jihadists attacked the police stations and barracks on 25 August, the army and the jihadists have been accusing each other of setting fire to villages.

Anoosha Boralessa