Thamer Al-Sabhan (photo), as well as holding other offices, is the Saudi Minister for Gulf Affairs. Thus he has relations with Iran but not with Lebanon. He has indicated in a tweet:
“There is only one terrorism and that must be fought everywhere. Would the world agree with the presence of members of Daesh and members of Al-Nusra in Parliaments and governments? It is necessary to unite against the Party of the Devil”.

Al-Nusra is the former name of Al-Qaeda in Syria. The expression “Party of the Devil” refers to the “Party of God”, the Lebanese Hezbollah.
The former Lebanese minister, Wiam Wahhab, replied to him on behalf of Hezbollah:
“Sabhane is right. We must eliminate the presence of members of Daesh and al Nusra in Parliaments, Governments as well as all the kings of Isis, Islamist extremism and hatred”.

The expression of “Kings of Daesh, Islamic extremism and hatred” refers both to the King of Saudi Arabia and the Emir of Qatar. Both have funded up to tens of billions of dollars both the fundamentalists and their armed arm, the jihadists.

Thamer Al-Sabhan is the former Saudi ambassador in Iraq. He had been forced to leave Bagdad after refusing to condemn the actions of his cousin Abdel-Salaam Al-Subhan, an Isis commandant killed by the Iraqi army [1].

Wiam Wahhab is the former adviser of Prince Talal Arslan (heir to the founders of the principality of Mont Lebanon and a long time supporter of the Resistance to Imperialism).

This exchange of tweets comes at a time that President Donald Trump should make known his policy on Iran in no time at all.

Anoosha Boralessa

[1Wanted by Bagdad: Saudi Ambassador to be replaced”, Translation Anoosha Boralessa, Voltaire Network, 6 September 2016.