On 12 October 2017, Hamas and Fatah signed a reconciliation agreement in Cairo. The text of the document is confidential.

On 1 December 2017, the Gaza strip should come under the control of the Fatah government. The problems that have been put on hold, will now have to be settled. The next meeting has been planned for 21 November.

The Egyptian-Palestinian border, including the border post of Rafah, will immediately come under the control of the Palestine Authority which should have to station 3,000 police officers there.

At the same time, a second agreement between Russia and the Hamas was discretely signed at the Egyptian Intelligence Services headquarters. It provides, with immediately effect, for disarming the Aknaf Beit al-Maqdis group in the camp of Yarmouk (South Damascus).

Three months ago, we mentioned what lies behind the intra-Palestinian negotiations that are now taking place. We also announced the return of General Mohammed Dahlan. Thus, we are no longer talking about a matter of weeks [1].

Anoosha Boralessa

[1Peace in Syria for the benefit of Israël and Turkey?”, by Thierry Meyssan, Translation Pete Kimberley, Voltaire Network, 11 July 2017.