The vote in the independence referendum for an Iraqi Kurdistan of 25 September 2017 was a sham – for the vote was rigged. This fact is now boomeranging back to those who initiated it: the Barzani family and the Taliban family.

During the referendum campaign, the Kurdish regional government of Iraq declared that 80 countries in the world — including the United States and France — were in support of establishing a new State. This argument appeared decisive for a number of voters.

The General of the Guardian of the Iranian Revolution, Qasem Soleimani, alerted the Barzanis at the last minute. The arrival of 200,000 Israelis and the stationing of missiles in the Iraqi Kurdistan can only open a new war. But the Barzani family did not wanted to take on board any of this information.

Taking the initiative, the Iraqi national troops then liberated the region of Kirkouk and its oil fields from Kurdish occupation, on 16 October. More than 100 000 Kurds, had installed themselves there and coordinated their activities with Daesh and had expelled the indigenous population. In two days they fled. Yet the international community has failed to react.

The Iraqi national government has just returned to the Arabs, Christians and Muslims territories that had been stolen from them. It has also avoided Turkey intervening and occupying the country.

The Western media which has not stopped supporting the Barzani dictatorship, have said nothing about:
 the political assassinations of those who oppose the Barzanis;
 the impossibility of holding elections but the possibility of organizing a referendum;
 their agreement with Israel;
 their agreement with Daesh;
 their responsibility in the genocide of the Kurdish Yezidis; and
 the annexation of 80% of their territory within just a few years.

And no medial spotlight is shone on the ethnic cleansing which follows.

The Iraqi Kurds realize, but a bit too late, that the Barzani and Taliban have taken them for a ride. No country apart from Israel can admit the creation of another state established through annexation and ethnic cleansing.

Massoud Barzani, who is the de facto but not the de jure President of the Iraqi Kurdistan, will no longer be able to artificially extend his mandate for much longer. Without waiting, the Taliban have acted sensibly and have distanced themselves from Erbil’s illegitimate power.

Bagdad has just issued an arrest warrant for Kosrat Rasul, the de facto but not de jure Vice President of the Iraqi Kurdistan, for his role and for his speech when Kirkouk was set free.

Anoosha Boralessa