Saïf el-Islam Gaddafi will stand for the presidential election organized by the United Nations in Libya, scheduled for mid-2018. So announced his family’s spokesperson, Bassem al-Hashimi al-Soul to Egypt Today.

The son of Muyammar Gaddafi, who had played an eminent role on the side of his father, is by far the most legitimate leader in a Libya which has been delivered to chaos. He should soon make public his programme for his country.

Currently under an arrest warrant issued by the International Criminal Court, he is benefitting from an amnesty from the Tobrouk government, but not the government that has been put place by the UN.

The ICC’s mandate is founded on nothing other than news from the Atlantic press, itself democratizing Nato propaganda. The ICC prosecutor had actively participated in the Nato war, by making the people think that he was detaining him and preparing for his transfer to the Hague. The aim was to convince the Libyan people that it was no longer necessary to resist the invader.

Anoosha Boralessa