Observers sent by both the OAS (the Organization of American States) and the European Union to Honduras for the presidential election, condemn the election as tainted by fraud. Yet the US government has already appointed the winner: the outgoing president, Juan Orlando Hernández.

Juan Orlando Hernández (to the left in the photo which was taken during a meeting with the US Vice President Mike Pence), supported the coup d’etat in 2009 against Honduras’s constitutional president, José Manuel Zelaya, elected in 2005. Hernández then became the President of the Honduras Parliament (National Congress) and later on in 2013, the President of the Republic.

It was the Obama Administration which, with Israel’s backing, organized the coup d’etat which toppled President Zelaya [1].

According to the official results of the presidential election (which all observers agreed to denounce as false), the opposition’s candidate Salvador Nasralla – of Palestine-Lebanese origin and supported by the toppled president Manuel Zelaya – only obtained 41.42% of the votes cast against 42.95% for the outgoing president Juan Orlando Hernández.

The majority of inter-governmental organizations such as the OAS and the European Union called for a new ballot to be conducted in Honduras.

But the then Presidential Candidate, Juan Orlando Hernández, instructed the Ambassador of Honduras in the UN to vote against the UN resolution on the status of Jerusalem – a resolution drafted contrary to the interests of the United States and Israel. Thus the White House has come out immediately in favour of Hernández, following the vote taken in New York.

Preferring to avoid violent clashes in his country, the candidate Salvador Nasralla announced that he will abstain from challenging the result of the presidential election.

Anoosha Boralessa

[1« Le SouthCom prend le pouvoir dans un État membre de l’ALBA », par Thierry Meyssan; [to be translated into English]; “Confirmed: SouthCom organized the overthrow of Honduras President Zelaya”, Voltaire Network, 17 August 2009.