Guatemala’s President, Jimmy Morales (photo), has announced that his country would move its embassy from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem.

James Morales Cabrera is a professor of Baptist Theology and a huge admirer of the United States. So much so, he changed his Christian name to Jimmy to make it more American. He took the position of being a strong critic of the lack of morality. Together with brother Sammy, he starred in the television series Moralejas (« Morales ») and in seven films, one of which was an Alejo Crisóstomo film: Fe (« Faith »). However none of this prevented his children and Sammy being charged with organizing the illegal funding of his electoral campaign.

To understand Guatemala’s relations with Israel, we need to cast our minds back to the years 1982-83, when at the height of the civil war, Guatemala’s General Efraín Ríos Montt was brought to power by a coup d’État organised by the CIA.

General Ríos Montt was the brother of the Catholic Bishop Monsigneur Mario Ríos Montt. However the General abandoned Catholicism and converted to the Church of the Verb. This is a sect affiliated to Gospel Outreach, which is itself directly linked to the Pentagon. Then he struck up a friendship with Jerry Falwell (the US Pastor) and Pat Robertson (the US Media Magnate).

General Ríos Montt, who was photographed with a submachine gun in one hand and the Bible in the other, fought ferociously, both against Marxist guerrillas and indigenous groups. In particular, he received 300 Israeli advisers who trained his army and with which he conducted an experiment on the Maya Indians. The aim of the experiment was to test the conditions to create pseudo independent states, following the model that the Israeli Mossad had already tried to apply in the South Africa of apartheid, with the creation of the « Bantoustans » and as a prelude to what could be the future Palestinian « States», Cisjordan and Gaza.

Ari Ben-Menashe has related part of the secret relations between Guatemala and Israel in his book, The Profits of War : Inside the Secret U.S.-Israeli Arms Network. He exposes how under the orders of President Raegan, the US National Security Adviser, Robert McFarlane, and General Ariel Sharon organized for the illegal transfer of six helicopters to Guatemala’s army.

These facts were verified in November 2016, during the trial of the former Chief of Staff of the Land Forces, Manuel Benedicto Lucas Garcia charged with genocide.

Anoosha Boralessa