On 28 December 2017, the protests against unemployment shook the region of Khorasan [1]. They spread the following day to Northern and Western Iran.

52 people, charged with chanting « Death to the Dictator! », were arrested at Mecchad where the police had, to start with, mingled with the protestors.

At Kermanshah (near Iraq’s border with Iran), new slogans have appeared: «the People are begging, the clergy is acting like God», « Freedom for political prisoners» and «Freedom or death».

Vice President Eshaq Jahangiri (photo) accused the « conservatives » (that is, whoever supported the anti-imperialist Revolution of Imam Khomeini) of organizing this movement covertly. Mr. Jahangiri was himself one of the organizers of the pro US coloured revolutions in 2009, when he was a member of the campaign team of Mir-Hossein Mousavi. He was a candidate in the 2017 Presidential Elections before stepping down, a move that advantaged Sheikh Hassan Rohani.

Anoosha Boralessa

[1Anti-government Demonstrations in the Iranian Region of Khorassan”, Translation Anoosha Boralessa, Voltaire Network, 30 December 2017.