President Donald Trump is getting ready to appoint Nadia Schadlow as the Vice National Security Adviser. She would replace Dina Powell.

Schadlow is a researcher who has never really been taken seriously in government spheres. She was very close to General Mc Master for many years and was appointed to the National Security Council to draft President Trump’s National Security Strategy [1].

Last June, she accompanied General McMaster to a meeting of the Bilderberg Group, at which there was a clash between those for and against the manipulation of terrorism [2]. She presented the plan for President Trump’s Strategy to members of the Aspen Security Group.

She has recently published War and the Art of Governance : Consolidating Combat Success into Political Victory . This is a book that does two things: first it predicts the return to realpolitik and second, the duty on the armed forces to establish institutions in countries that have been conquered. Although she knows Europe far better than the Middle East, Nadia Schadlow could direct the Pentagon to reorganize the States and the societies destroyed by the Cebrowski-Barnett strategy.

Anoosha Boralessa

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