The PYD stands for the Party for the Democratic Union (PYD). It is an anarchist Turkish party that was founded in Syria. It has just granted amnesty to 120 Daesh emirs and is integrating them into its armed wing, the YPG (Units to Protect the People). So revealed Vasily Nebenzia (photo), the Russian Federation’s ambassador to the UN.

Each of these 120 Isis emirs that has been granted amnesty has its own katiba (brigade). What this means is that the Kurdish PYD is not simply granting amnesty to 120 leaders but also to several thousand members of Daesh, that notorious terrorist group that Nato countries refer to as the Islamic State or ISIS.

The initial plan was to integrate these jihadists into the security forces of the Syrian border (a unit conceived by Brett McGurk and the US General Joseph Votel [1]). However, following a counter order issued by the US Secretary of Defense (Jim Mattis), the plans to establish this unit will not be executed.

In the past, the Isis jihadists enjoyed backing from Turkey whereas the Kurds had the support of Nato. However, both groups were fighting against the Syrian Arab Republic. Today these anarchists and jihadists are fighting against Turkey, which for its part, is recruiting other former members of Daesh.

Anoosha Boralessa

[1Pentagon signs up more than 10,000 former Isis jihadists”, Translation Anoosha Boralessa, Voltaire Network, 22 January 2018.