The Russian armed forces are actually superior to the US armed forces. This is the unqualified conclusion of the military experts who have observed the combats in Iraq and Syria.

During a hearing of the US Senate Committee on Armed Forces, Generals John Murray, Joseph Anderson, Paul Ostrowski and Robert Dyess all from the US Land Forces, confirmed on 7 February 2018 that it was impossible at this time either to upgrade the weapons currently used or to purchase better ones.

The four generals declared that the US Armed Forces will also soon be outmatched by the Chinese Armed Forces.

During the hearing, the generals advocated for a significant increase in their budget. However, the crisis in the management of the US armies, which has already gone on for about 20 years now, does not allow us to predict what results this new allocation of money will lead to or if it will be lost in bureaucratic expenditure.

Two years ago, we wrote on this website: “The Russian army asserts its superiority in conventional warfare”, Thierry Meyssan, 19 October 2015. Two years on, this is the Pentagon’s official position.

Anoosha Boralessa