It may well be the case that Russia soon leaves the two systems of international connection: Internet and Swift.

Under Russian law, those operating in stocks on the national territory must provide the personal details of their users. However, several US firms are refusing to comply with this law. This data is being illegally transferred to the United States through the account of the Intelligence Services of the National Security Agency.

According to President Putin’s Adviser on Telecommunications, German Klimenko, the US Department of Commerce persists in refusing to internationalize control of the internet network. According to Klimenko, Russia would have been ready from the beginning of March to withdraw from the US system and to launch its own telecommunication systems.

At the same time, the Vice Prime Minister, economist and chess player Arkady Dvorkovich, has indicated that the Russian banks which are being penalized by unilateral sanctions imposed by the West following Crimea’s integration into the Russian Federation in 2014, would have set up an alternative system permitting it to withdraw shortly from the inter-banking transfer system Swift.

Anoosha Boralessa