On 29 March 2018, President Emmanuel Macron received a delegation of the Democratic Forces of Syria (DFS). According to Khaled Issa (“ambassador” of the “Rojava” to Paris), Macron announced that France was sending troops to the Manbij (Syria).

The DFS is a new front for the armed members of the PYD, the party of the pro-US Kurds resident in Syria. To respect form, the delegation was composed of equal numbers of Arabs and Kurds. However on the ground, the DFS are almost exclusively members of the PYD under US training. According to the Elysee, President Macron recalled that France considered that the Turkish PKK was a terrorist organization. However the fact is that the PYD is an off-shoot of the PKK.

Identically, the ideology of the “Rojava”, anarchism, is a cover that has two aims: one is to make us forget that the PKK, a Marxist Leninist party, has been transformed into an instrument of Nato; and the second is to make it sympathetic to Westerners.

Members of the French Special Forces which were present in Eastern Ghouta have been evacuated in the UN diplomatic cars headed to Lebanon. This was in execution of the orders of the hawkish UN number 2, Jeffrey Feltman. But they will be returning, in greater numbers, to Northern Syria. Although their presence in the suburbs of Damascus was an open secret, their arrival at the Manbij is official, to the extent that it had been announced by the PYD but not confirmed by the Elysee.

The French military presence violates international law. Bar three months from the end of Sarkozy’s mandate (the period running from the liberation of la Baba Amr (Homs) to the Conference of the Friends of Syria in Paris), this presence has been permanent since war first erupted in 2011.

France under the leadership of Emmanuel Macron seems to be abandoning its support for al-Qaeda jihadists to enable it to concentrate its energies on creating a “Kurdistan” on Arab territory, the “Rojava”.

At the Conference of Versailles (1918) and Sevres (1920), the United States supported the creation of an Independent state for nomadic people (“Kurds”) in the valley of the Euphrates. The Kurds had settled down in Anatolie after massacring Armenian Christians there (the Genocide was initiated by Sultan Abdulhamid II, and continued by the Young Turks). At least since 1921, France has resumed its demand for a State for the Kurds but no longer in Turkey.

The offices of the “Rojava” at Paris are very kindly lent out by Bruno Ledoux. He is a very rich press proprietor (Libération, L’Express, i24news…) who has connections with Israël.

Anoosha Boralessa