Saudi Arabia has launched a programme to construct 560 mosques in Bangladesh, So announced Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in Dhaka, an announcement made whilst his electoral campaign was in full swing.
He made it clear that the Wahhabite Imams of these “model mosques” will spread “the message of an Islam that brings peace”. Each mosque will have its own cultural centre.

The new mosques will form a network in each district of the country. This proves that they do not respond to a need but to a strategic design.

Responding to the concern of the Hindu and Christian minorities, the Sheikh also made it clear that this programme guaranteed all citizens the freedom to practise their own religion in conformity with the spirit of Islam.

This very programme had been organized by Saudi Arabia in Algeria at the end of the 80s. It had succeeded in separating the rural population from the state institutions and had gathered behind the Wahhabite Imams, to prepare the country for an attack from the jihadists and for civil war.

During the speech President Trump delivered at Riyadh in May 2017, Saudi Arabia undertook to stop using Islam as a tool to spread jihadism.

Anoosha Boralessa