Take a good look at this photo and observe closely the two men on the far left, one carrying the kalachnikov and the other with the headgear.

How do you tell a “moderate rebel” (sic) of Ghouta from one of the ordinary residents of Ghouta? All you need to do is contrast the good health and clothes of the first lot with the emaciated bodies and rags of the second lot.

The Syrian Arab Army has just discovered that Irbine, an area in the liberated Ghouta, holds stocks of foodstuffs and a hospital that is very well equipped. However, the UN and Humanitarian NGOs have given assurances that it was the “regime” that was starving the population to death and denying it access to health care.

The Syrian Arab Army has entered into areas of Ghouta that are still under the control of Nato “moderate rebels”. Their entry has allowed confirmation of a huge network of tunnels in areas of Ghouta. It contains a mega corridor enabling 4 x 4s and lorries to circulate to supply the fighters, whilst they were holding those ordinarily resident there as slaves.

The Western Press assures that the families which have been evacuated to Emirates from Idleb are really “moderate rebels”. Yet it is a fact that most of the combatants evacuated, were masked when they were clambouring on board the buses that had been provided for them. When some of them appeared without their masks, they were recognized.

In this photo: 2 people in the foreground also appeared in the first photo on the extreme right, showing off the heads of their victims.

Anoosha Boralessa