Alexander Zasypkine is the Russian ambassador to Beirut and Russia’s
regional head in the Middle East. In the night of 10 April 2018, he was
interviewed by the Hezbollah’s TV station, Al-Manar and made a bold
declaration: every Western missile fired against Syria will be destroyed as
will the base from which they are launched.

Zasypkine made this declaration to the Al-Manar following the announcement
made by the White House, Downing Street and the Elysee that an attack on
Syria was on the table. His intention was to make crystal clear Russia’s

Westerners do not accept that they have failed in Syria and are seeking out
any pretext to disintegrate – smash into smithereens - the Republic of

Although Westerners will be seeking to retain control of the region with
the use of force, the Kremlin is ready for war on a far grander scale.
Doesn’t sound good.

Anoosha Boralessa