Two US missiles launched during the Western bombing of Syria did not successfully detonate. Both these explosives have been sent to Russia for analysis [1].

The US and Russian technology in this type of weapon are radically different. As a result, progress made in one system, is difficult to transplant to and bring benefits to the other system. That said, Russian military engineers do intend to study the US missiles to improve the Russian anti-missile system.

A French air plane, Rafale, which was not capable of bringing down one of the two Scalp-EG missiles had to land [2].

Three naval cruise missiles made in France meant to be fired against Syria, could not be launched from the French multi-mission frigates [3]. These high-tech missiles which come at the considerable cost of around 2.8 million euro per missile, have never been used in combat.

Both the US and French governments have tried to smooth away these problems, declaring on 14 April 2018 that the joint operation against Syria had been a total success.

From Moscow, the Russian Defence Minister revealed that more than two thirds of the missiles used in the Western attack against Syria had been destroyed in flight by Syria Arab Army, a fact that both the US and the French governments contest [4].

Anoosha Boralessa