The French judicial investigation into the relationship between the French group Lafarge and jihadist groups committed to destabilizing the Syrian government, has just shed light on the close ties between this transnational and the French Secret Services.

Lafarge is a transnational group whose core business is manufacturing cement. Judge Charlotte Bilger, tasked with investigating into a complaint filed by several of Lafarge’s former employers, has ended up extending her investigations into the group’s activities in Syria. Finally, the judge has ended up asking if Lafarge provided cement to the Islamic Emirates (Daesh).

Even before legal proceedings were initiated in Paris, the journalist Thierry Meyssan had already revealed that Lafarge’s factory in Syria had supplied various jihadi groups with 8 million m3 of cement which was intended to be used to construct fortifications and underground installations. The transnational is refusing to comment on these issues.

Meyssan has also made some other interesting revelations:
• the former Secretary of State and two times US Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, had been counsel and on the board of directors of Lafarge
• Lafarge had provided services to the CIA.

«Lafarge : L’État français au centre de l’affaire», «L’usine syrienne, fournisseuse de l’ÉI?», Ismaël Halissat et Willy Ledevin, Libération, 23 avril 2018.

Anoosha Boralessa