According to NBC, the FBI informant on Russian interference in the US Presidential electoral election is no other than Stefan Halper. Today, this former CIA agent is a professor at Cambridge (United Kingdom) and heads a private intelligence company.

Halper is the son-in-law of Ray S. Cline, an eminent personality in the CIA during the sixties and seventies. During the election campaign in the 1980s, Halper worked for George H. Bush (father), a former Director of the CIA who went on to become Vice President to Ronald Raegan. Halper infiltrated the campaign team of the President Jimmy Carter, succeeding in extracting information on Carter’s relations with the new Iranian authorities. It was on the basis of this that Bush and Raegan obtained the support of the Islamic Republic and negotiated the “October surprise” (the liberation of CIA spies who were being held prisoners in the US embassy in Teheran) [1].

According to The Intercept, in 2016, i.e., during Donald Trump’s electoral campaign, Stefan Halper has on several occasions received substantial sums of money from the Obama Administration.

Anoosha Boralessa

[1The Western imagination wrongly conceives these spies as “hostages”. The fact of the matter is that they had been caught red-handed in a secret section of the Embassy. Naturally, the US never accused Iran of violating their diplomatic privileges, for it was the spies that had been self-destructive and violated their own diplomatic status.