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US could pull out of Syria


The Syrian Minister for Foreign Affairs, Walid Mouallem, has invited the United States to withdraw its troops from the country prior to the foreign forces that have participated in defending the Syrian Arab Republic, withdrawing.

The Pentagon has a presence both in Syria’s South (Al-Tanf) and the North (the area occupied by the Kurdish YPG).

If the US were to withdraw its troops from Al-Tanf, then the Lebanese Hezbollah would retreat from the South. For quite some time now, the Hezbollah fighters have been getting ready to pull out. Order would be re-established with the help of Russia under a prior agreement.

Planning for their possible retreat from the North of Syria, the United States is in the process of setting up a new base in the Iraqi Sinjar from which it could intervene both in Syria and in Turkey.

Anoosha Boralessa

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