According to the Iraqi Minister of Hydraulic Resources, this summer around 7 million people could be without water and therefore would have to be moved to other regions of the country.

Over the last year, several sources of water have seen their level drop drastically. The two images above are two photos of one of the principal basins of the country. The first (on the left) was taken on 25 May 2017 and the second (on the right) was taken a year later. The drop in the level of water is impressive.

This sudden phenomenon was not due to changes in climate but to the start up of dams in Iran and Turkey.

Iran is also going through a serious problem in hydraulic accessing. Iranians are consuming more than twice the volume of water per person that their neighbours are. This is why the Islamic Republic is trying to resolve this problem through a vast programme of constructing dams.
The Iraqi government considers that constructing new dams is not justified. Instead it thinks that Teheran should educate its citizens on rationalizing their water usage. Iraq considers that, on account this waste, Iran is violating several international treaties by building new dams. The matter will litigated.

Anoosha Boralessa