A polemic is evolving right before our eyes within the US Intelligence Community. Some members are declaring that while North Korea has undertaken to destroy the site of launching missiles from Sohae, it does not actually have the slightest intention of doing so.

This debate arises after President Donald Trump made a commitment to withdraw US troops from South Korea.

This situation cannot help but bring back to our mind the identical pledge made by Jimmy Carter, during his 1976 electoral campaign. Yet when Carter was elected president, he was unable to follow through with his promise: the US Intel community and the Pentagon joined hands to prevent the US withdrawing from South Korea. Finally, a NSA report, drafted by John Armstrong, provided evidence that the North Korean armed forces had become more powerful than South Korea’s, and that, consequently, withdrawing US troops would effectively mean delivering up South Korea to North Korea. Of course, just like Team B’s 1976 Report on the Soviet Military Power, all the data was false. Although President Carter fired General Singlaub from his position as commander of PaCom (the Command of the US Armed Forces in the Pacific), nothing came of it. Accused of endangering an ally, he was forced to resign.

Anoosha Boralessa