On 22 June a commemorative plaque was dedicated to Colonel Alfons Rebane in Estonia.

Alfons Rebane collaborated with the Third Reich, holding the position of Standartenführer in the SS. He committed several war crimes in the Soviet Union.

The Estonian government did dissociate itself from this commemoration however it refused to go further and condemn it.

After the Second World War, Alfons Rebane collaborated with the United Kingdom in the context of a stay-behind operation (Gladio). Specifically, he participated in “Operation Jungle” aimed at allowing former Nazi officers to weave their way into the systems in Poland and the Baltic states and pursue the anti-communist fight. He even gave lessons at the MI6 Academy.

Estonia is a member of the European Union; an organization that purports to fight for peace in Europe and against the resurgence of Nazi racism.

Anoosha Boralessa