The Syrian Arab Army, supported by the Russian Air Force, is making progress in liberating Southern Syria from Daesh and Al Qaeda. This action follows through with para 5 of the Memorandum on De-escalation Zones [1]`.

According to the United Nations, almost a third of the region’s population probably fled the fighting and gathered at Syria’s border with Jordan and Israel. Both borders are closed but humanitarian aid is allowed to pass.

The US and Israeli armed forces are making us think that an agreement has been reached with Russia providing for pro-Iranian forces to withdraw to 80 miles of the Israeli Syrian line of demarcation. This is not true.

In actual fact, the US Armed Forces are now at last applying the instructions of President Trump not to support Daesh or Al Qaeda even when some fighters belonging to these organizations claim to belong to the Free Syrian Army. However, the US is keeping its military base at Al-Tanf which it set up illegally.

In the past, Israel has woven numerous links with armed groups in the region and had publicly supported them. However today, it can only keeping spinning the loom, if it enters into a direct confrontation with Russia. Thus the Tsahal, which had helped Al Quaeda chase the UN Blue Helmets, which observed the separation of the Israeli forces from the Syrian forces at the Golan boundary line, have also withdrawn and are now seeking a return to the statute of 1974 which Israel itself had violated.

The pro Iranian forces that are in the region are soldiers fighting for Hezbollah, who have left the Syrian battlefield after the liberation of Eastern Ghouta and Afghan militias whose support the Syrian Arab Army no longer really needs.

To sum up, things are slowly returning back to normal.

Western propaganda is managing to befuddle our vision of what actually happened. This is through exploiting two facts that have been ignored:

 It presents Deraa as the “cradle of the Syrian revolution”. However the Saudi General Anwar Al-Eshki has publicly admitted that he placed arms in the city (in the Mosque of al-Omari) before the demonstration that took place on Friday (the day of prayer for Muslims), 18 March 2011, that was at the origins of the events. The slogan which dominated was “Allah, Syria, Freedom!”; clearly “freedom” is not to be understood in the Western political sense of the term but to mean “the freedom to apply the Sharia”.
 It fails to disclose that Armed groups operating the South of the country are members of Daesh and Al-Qaeda. This enables the public to equate them to “moderate rebels”.

Anoosha Boralessa