On the basis of information provided by a US intelligence service, on 28 June 2018 the Belgian police arrested two Iranian nationals who were preparing an attack during the meeting of the Mujahideens of the People in Paris-Villepinte [1].

From the time the investigation began, the French police requested its German homologues to arrest an Iranian diplomatic, accredited to Vienna, who probably sponsored the attack. The latter was immediately arrested in violation of his diplomatic immunity.

The Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs summoned the Belgian and French ambassadors as well as the German chargé d’affaires to Teheran to encourage these three countries to respect the Vienna Convention and to liberate the diplomat that had been arrested.

For its part, Austria has requested Iran to lift the immunity of this diplomat.

France recalled that “it supported neither the ideology, nor the objectives nor the activities” of the Mujahadeens of the People. Yet every year France allows it to hold their big meeting on French territory.

During a discussion on 4 July, the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, congratulated in code, the quality of the information that his services allegedly sent to the United States.

Anoosha Boralessa

[1The Mujahideens of the People call to topple the Iranian regime”, Translation Anoosha Boralessa, Voltaire Network, 3 July 2018.