The People’s Republic of China, which for a long time now has had to tackle the sect of Falun Gong [1], is horrified to discover the resurgence of the “Return to Jerusalem Movement”.

This evangelical sect was powerful in the 1920s in the province of Shandong (North East China), a region with a religious syncrétiste tradition The light of this sect was smothered out by the nationalist revolution yet today its torch of belief has been relit and is being passed around the Chinese diaspora in Africa.

Today, the sect’s controlling mind is Brother Yun (photo) who is based not in China but the UK. Yun’s real name is Liu Zhenying. This pastor was imprisoned in China. It appears that he escaped from a high security prison thanks to his ability to make himself invisible. It appears that he had also fasted for 80 days. This means he demonstrated twice the will power that Christ did.

The missionaries of the sect move along the paths of the Silk Route. They are like tributaries of an anti-communist ideology, which flows to the diaspora, trying to convince it that there is nothing divine about President Xi Jinping.

For some time now, the movement has been trying to take root in the People’s China as the Chinese diaspora head back to China. Beijing seems to be taking the danger that this movement represents very seriously.

Anoosha Boralessa

[1«Le Falun Gong, arme de la CIA contre le “Grand dragon rouge”», par Thierry Meyssan, Réseau Voltaire, 20 août 2008.