The Trump Administration is getting ready to reveal to the public its plan for the Middle East.

Right now the two architects of this plan, Jared Kuschner (see photo) and Jason Greenblat, are preparing several collaborators that have to work on the following issues:
- the consequences of the plan on the political level and in terms of security;
- the economic consequences;
- strategic communication.

In Riyadh, King Salman of Saudi Arabia recalled that the Kingdom maintained the positions laid down in the peace initiative of Prince Abdallah, that the Arab League adopted in 2002. [1] The declaration of King Salman has been interpreted as a call to the order directed to his son, Prince Mohamed ben Salman.

For his part, the President of the Palestine National Authority, Mahmud Abbas, still thinks that by moving its embassy to Jerusalem, the United States has lost every ounce of authority to negotiate on behalf of the people of Palestine.

Anoosha Boralessa