Israel has resumed its campaign of assassinations targeting scientists from the Middle East

Israel’s approach has been systematic. First it crossed off Iraqi military scientists, then it moved onto Iranian nuclear scientists. Now, the Hebrew State has sponsored the elimination of General Aziz Asber, one of Syria’s leading military scientists.

Doctor Asber (see photo) was the Deputy Director of Station 4 of the Syrian Centre for Research and Scientific Studies. He was an expert in rockets and missiles. According to the Syrian newspaper, Al-Watan, both General Asber and his bodyguard were killed when their vehicle blew up on 4 August 2018. We do not know for sure if the vehicle had been planted with a bomb or if it had been destroyed by a drone attack.

Israel intends to maintain its scientific superiority over the countries in the region and to get out of the way any Arab or Persian expert.

Anoosha Boralessa