In 2016, al-Qaeda established an Islamic Emirate that included the port of
Mukalla, Yemen and 200 km of its neighbours’ coasts [1].

From Mukalla, which was established on the territory of a historical
ancient Emirates, al-Qaeda controlled the exit of the Gulf of Aden. This
allowed it to hold ships to ransom, collecting 2 million dollars worth of
taxes per day.

Despite opposition from the people living there, Al Qaeda imposed its
lifestyle by terror (just see the photo).

Finally, the Saudi-Emirates Coalition was able to chase Al-Qaeda away, and
freed the city.

So we thought until Associated Press revealed that there had been a secret
agreement negotiated with Al-Qaeda represented by Sheikh Abdullah

Following the conclusion of the secret pact, in just one night, 3,000 Al
Qaeda fighters left the city with their weapons, abandoning it to the
Emirati “liberators”. There was no fight at all.

“Details of deals between US-backed coalition, Yemen al-Qaida”, Maggie Michael, Associated Press, August 6, 2018

Anoosha Boralessa

[1Al-Qaeda establishes the Islamic Emirates of Mukalla”, Translation Anoosha Boralessa, Voltaire Network, 8 April 2016.