The former president of Iran, Mahmud Ahmadineyad, currently under house
arrest, broadcast a video through his Telegram account calling for his
successor, Sheikh Rohani to resign.

Before the United States walked away from the Iran nuclear deal (also known
as 5 + 1 agreement or JCPOA), President Rohani assured Iranians that he had
the situation under control. But everyone can see that this is a grossly
distorted version of reality. The Rohani government had full faith that an
economic rapprochement with Washington would dawn and clipped away at the
hedges that the Rohani administration had assembled to buffer US sanctions.
Now look what’s up: the Iranian economy is being brutally affected by the
change in the United States’s change in attitude.

Since the beginning of this year, the Iranian currency abruptly has
abruptly had 60% knocked off its value compared to the United States; the
rate of unemployment is approaching 40% and several public services have
stopped working, to the extent that in a number of places in Iran, drinking
water is running out - a serious problem among many others.

In 8 months an important wave of demonstrations against the Rohani
government, initiated in December 2017, has spread throughout the country.
The banners of the demonstrators protest against the financial support by
Iran to the Palestinian Hamas and certain Iraqi Militia, but rarely mention
the support to Syria and the Lebanese Hezbollah.

From the very beginning, demonstrators have been calling upon President
Rohani to resign, but now they have begun to demand that the Guide of the
Revolution Alí Khamenei also resigns from office.

Ayatollah Khamenei entered into conflict with Mahmud Ahmadineyad, at the
end of the second presidential mandate of the latter. Khamenei went on to
qualify Ahmadineyad as a “bad Muslim” and the presidential candidate
backed by Ahmadineyad was not authorized to participate in the election.

Mahmud Ahmadineyad’s big idea is to pursue the anti-imperialist
revolution of Imam Khomeiny (leaving out the clerical class).

Anoosha Boralessa