On 25 August 2018, the US Senator John Mc Cain died at the age of 81. The mainstream transnational press presents him as a “hero” of the Vietnam War; “a man of integrity”; one “who refuses to yield”. They characterize him as the total opposite of today’s US President Donald Trump.

But this “champion of liberty” displayed his heroism by participating as a pilot in the US air bombings against Vietnamese civilian installations. This was how his plane was brought down in 1967, by Soviet Anti-air force when they bombed an electric central. The son of a US admiral who would one day be appointed head of US Pa Com [1], John McCain was then captured and became a prisoner of war. For five years he was imprisoned in Vietnam where he was apparently tortured.

Having been freed, he returned to the US, and was elected in 1982 to the House of Representatives. He then switched Chambers, and became a senator in 1986. McCain, presented as a man of integrity, was one of the five senators known as the Keating Five, so called because they accepted bribes from the banker and financier Charles Keating, who wanted to “bury” a series of scandals.

In 2000, McCain competes for nomination as the Republican candidate for the presidential elections. His rival in these primaries, George W. Bush, does not believe that McCain was a hero in Vietnam and even accuses him of betraying the US, recalling the confession that McCain signed as a prisoner of war, a confession that McCain attributes to torture.

In 2008, McCain was the Republican candidate for the Presidential Elections standing against the democrat Barack Obama. The New York Times reveals that various companies had financed his campaign in 2000; their way of rewarding McCain for the positions he took as Chair of the Senate Committee for Commerce.

It is difficult to classify McCain’s positions on domestic politics: he supports imposing criminal sanctions on women that have abortions but is against torture.

Since 1993, McCain has simultaneously exercised his mandate as senator and president of IRI, the US organization tasked with bribing right wing political parties throughout the world. IRI which stands for International Republican Institute is one of the main tentacles of NED (National Endowment for Democracy). Ned also acts as a secret service for all the «Five Eyes» (Australia, Canada, the United States, New Zealand and the United Kingdom). By holding the office of President of IRI for 25 years, McCain has violated the basic principle of separation of powers. It was only at the beginning of August 2018 that John McCain was replaced as President of IRI by Dan Sullivan who was also a senator.

As president of IRI, John McCain participated in organizing a number of State coups and supported without exception all British and US wars.

McCain prepared, for example, the failed coup d’etat against the constitutional president of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, the toppling of Jean-Bertrand Aristide, the constitutional president of Haiti, the attempt to topple Mwai Kibaki, the constitutional president of Kenya, and more recently, the toppling of Viktor Yanukovich, the constitutional president of Ukraine.

John McCain was the man calling the shots and orchestrating the “Arab Spring”. It was he that gave the go-ahead to begin the wars against Libya and Syria in a meeting with the Secret Services of US allies in Cairo, in February 2011. Afterwards he travelled to Lebanon where he conferred on MP Okab Sakr, who had links to today’s Prime Minister Saad Hariri, the task of guaranteeing a supply of arms to the jihadists to topple the Syrian Arab Republic. Whilst in Lebanon, Mc Cain took the opportunity to visit the Lebanese locality in Ersal and decided to set up there a fall-back base that the jihadists will later use, against Syria.

In May 2013, the US Senator John Mc Cain illegally moved into Syria. He was covered though, being under Israel’s protection. On Syrian soil he met with several jihadist leaders (see photo) one of which was Mohammad Nour, who had just kidnapped 11 Lebanese civilians. Voltairenet took the position that on that occasion John McCain also met with Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the future «caliph» of the Islamic Emirate (Daesh). This accusation was denied at the time by Mc Cain’s office, even though the photo above shows them together at that meeting (al-Baghdadi is the one circled in red on the left).

However a year later, on 16 September 2014, when he made a guest appearance on Fox News’ Sean Hannity’s Show, McCain himself states that he met with Daesh leaders and is in constantly in touch with them. Meanwhile he explains that the US has to use all “rebels” to put an end to the Syrian Arab Republic” (see video).

The fact is that John McCain participated in destroying an entire region of the world. And he did so knowing exactly what he was doing and afterwards il regrette rien.

Anoosha Boralessa

[1The US PaCom was the command of the US military forces for the Pacific region. It has recently been converted to US IndoPaCom, which enables the US Command to extends its operations to the Indian Ocean. Note of VoltaireNet.